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"We at VENTLESS invite you to join many  businesses who are successfully using our newest spray-finishing technology, while saving the environment and their hard earned dollars".  

"with very low maintenance cost, 10% emission versus 100% with old conventional products, it is a

NO BRAINER and MUST HAVE in every spray finishing shop!"



Our Ventless spray booth has 4 stages of filtration that are designed to capture all particulates while scrubbing VOC'S from air stream and allowing for clean air to return to the booth in a downdraft format. This patented process really conserves energy by eliminating the need for 100 %  make up air and therefore preserving heat in building during winter season or cool air in summer.​​  An air curtain blocks dust from entering the booth while in operation and therefore eliminating the need to enclose.

No air make up required means less monies spent and zero heat bills!  Maintaining this Ventless system is very economical and as easy as replacing filter medias.

All Ventless products are built with worker safety and  environment in mind.  Just ask any proud owner and they will tell you Ventless is the way to go GUARANTEED.




"Why should paint finishers today use  grandfathers technologies in their day-to-day finishing processes, it makes no sense". "The future of earth is green, yet our industrial spray finishing processes continue to use atmosphere  as a sewer to dump all VOC's, shouldn't  we rethink the way to spray? if we ​recycle paper,  plastic and other materials in order to preserve earth and our atmosphere,why not e air!"

"Old conventional spray booths  use tons of indoor air in each and every spraying process but, not our

Ventlesst! Yes, we finally have a unique spraybooth  that uses up 10% of traditional amount of air, and

delivers top notch results!"

Welcome To VENTLESS."

Jean Naim M Eng, Director